The Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) is a registered Canadian charity and a charitable organization with a profound mission to promote social cohesion and understanding among people of diverse cultures and faiths. Here is an overview of its purpose and history:

Mission and Purpose:

The core purpose of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute is to advance social cohesion through personal interaction, with a focus on promoting respect and mutual understanding among individuals from various cultures and faiths. This mission is achieved through dialogue and partnership.

IDI is dedicated to promoting enduring intercultural and interfaith cooperation, fostering tolerance, and facilitating dialogue by acknowledging both the differences and similarities among communities. The ultimate goal is to enhance civil society, promote the development of human values, and advance diversity and multiculturalism throughout Canada. IDI is committed to eliminating or reducing false stereotypes, prejudices, and unjustified fears through direct human communication. By doing so, it strives to contribute to the improvement of diversity, pluralism, and multiculturalism in Canadian society.

Activities and Initiatives:
IDI actively organizes a wide range of social, educational, and cultural activities to fulfill its mission. These activities include lectures, seminars, conferences, discussion forums, luncheons, informative dinners, programs tailored for students and youth, intercultural exchange trips, courses, and outreach programs. Through these initiatives, IDI provides opportunities for meaningful engagement and dialogue among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

The origins of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute can be traced back to a fundamental question: “How can citizens of the world live in peace and harmony?” From this question, a conversation began to take shape, driven by individuals who believed that discussions on cultural differences did not have to lead to confusion, conflict, or chaos. Instead, they recognized that peace could be achieved through sharing different perspectives, guided by principles such as love, respect, tolerance, mercy, and compassion.

Overall, the Intercultural Dialogue Institute plays a vital role in promoting understanding, dialogue, and social cohesion in Canadian society, fostering a spirit of unity and cooperation among its diverse communities.





These principles outline the core values and beliefs of the Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI). They serve as a guiding framework for the institute’s activities and interactions:

Diversity: IDI embraces and celebrates diversity as a valuable gift. The institute actively seeks and welcomes individuals from various backgrounds and cultures.

Respect for Differences: IDI holds deep respect for the differences that exist among religions and cultures. It acknowledges and values these distinctions as essential aspects of the human experience.

Integrity and Ethics: IDI is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. It ensures accurate disclosure of information in all its endeavors.

Honoring Languages, Religions, and Cultures: The institute honors and values the richness and diversity of all languages, religions, and cultures, recognizing them as integral components of human civilization.

Universal Values: IDI operates on the basis of universal values such as love, respect, tolerance, mercy, and compassion. These values are seen as vital for fostering healthy dialogue in diverse university environments.

Respect for Religious Uniqueness: IDI respects the uniqueness of each religion and acknowledges the differences in practices and beliefs that exist among them.

No Particular Agenda: The institute does not have a specific agenda or inherent ideology, other than a genuine concern for the spiritual quality and well-being of life on Earth.

Inclusivity: IDI is fully committed to inclusivity and ensures that no one is denied participation based on their background, beliefs, or affiliations.

Unity in Friendship: While members may have differing beliefs, they come together in a spirit of friendship and mutual respect. IDI promotes unity in diversity.

Commitment to Universal Values: IDI is dedicated to upholding universal values, including democracy and human rights, as guiding principles in its work.

Ecological Responsibility: The institute recognizes the importance of sound ecological practices and is committed to preserving the world for future generations through responsible environmental stewardship.

These principles reflect IDI’s dedication to fostering dialogue, understanding, and social cohesion among diverse communities, emphasizing the importance of universal values and ethical conduct in achieving these goals.