Meet Your Neighbour

Thanksgiving Dinners

Would you be interested in hosting newcomers for Thanksgiving Dinner or in joining to learn more about Thanksgiving at your neighbour’s house?
Don’t miss this opportunity!
The Meet Your Neighbour Project is designed to give participants the opportunity to share or experience the special observances of other cultures and faiths. These dinners take place in an intimate family setting with a home cooked meal which provides the best setting for learning about other faiths and cultures firsthand.
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Canadians are generous and welcoming people! Our Thanksgiving Dinners are an opportunity for Canadians of different backgrounds to meet new people, share their traditions, and learn about different cultures, families, and experiences. Some might have travelled to other countries and experienced the hospitality of those diverse cultures while some might have heard from friends who enjoyed their hosting experience. Others understand how it might feel to be in a new place and want you to know you are welcome. Therefore, we invite Canadians to host newcomers for a Thanksgiving experience! While many countries around the world have harvest festivals, North Americans have really created a great holiday around Thanksgiving, and we’d love for hosts to share their traditions with newcomers.
Are you interested in sharing a Thanksgiving dinner with guests who want to learn about Thanksgiving tradition and Canadian culture? If so, let us know how many people you can host and what demographic is best appropriate for your family.
You may have heard of Thanksgiving, you may even know the specific connotation behind it, but have you ever experienced a meal with a family who has been celebrating it every year? Please visit  to get more information and to register as a host or guest.
*If you would like to learn more or have questions, please send an email to or call (647) 243-4272.