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On Tuesday March 27th, 2018, IDI GTA partnered with Conseil Scolaire Viamonde to host the 2nd Annual Creative Minds Youth Contest’s awards ceremony. The Master of Ceremony for the evening was Serge Paul, Community Liaison Officer at Conseil scolaire Viamonde, who kept attendees well entertained. The Land Acknowledgement was given by Sylvie Gravel, who spoke of the importance of the theme: Empathy – Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes.

IDI’s National Director, Ahmet Tamirci, gave the welcome speech on IDI’s behalf, highlighting two goals of IDI: a platform on which to engage in good dialogue and to work with youth in different ways. The Creative Minds contests represent meeting points. Director of education for Conseil Scolaire Viamonde, Martin Bertrand, gave his welcome speech on behalf of the school board and highlighted the quality of the exceptional art, essay, and video works.

 Mario Hinse was the keynote for the evening. He is from COPA, an organization that is dedicated to working with and preventing violence against children and vulnerable societies. Speaking on the topic of empathy, he advised that just because we empathize with a person, doesn’t mean we necessarily understand everything about them and their lives. He also highlighted the importance of youth voices, even though sometimes they’re not heard as much as they should be.

Finally, the students were presented with their awards by Jean Grenier Godard, Executive Director of Alliance Française; Gabrielle Fortin, Executive Director for Français pour l’avenir; and Hugues Kamga Wambo, Principle of École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières.






Award Student School Grade
1st Emiliya Stolyarova École secondaire Norval-Morrisseau 11
2nd Charelle St-Aubin École secondaire Georges-P.-Vanier 12
3rd Catalin Bacalu École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières 11
Finalist Divine Udobor École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières 11
Finalist Seth Stoddart-Walters École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières 11
Finalist Jenny Ho École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières 11
Finalist Zakaria Lahroussi École secondaire Jeunes sans frontières 11




Award Student  School Grade
1st Adèle Swanson Collège Français 11
2nd Neshy Poinen École secondaire Jeunes sans 10
3rd Yasmine Hadid Collège Français 11
Finalist Anaïs Delhomelle Collège Français 11
Finalist Claire Rosienski-Pellerin Collège Français 11
Finalist Kyra Cheverie-Saito, Collège Français 11



Award Students School Grade
Winner Collaborative Project Toronto Ouest  
Finalist Ouzaifah Bundhoo Jeunes sans frontières 12
Finalist Muneerah Dulloo Jeunes sans frontières 12