Our executive vice president, M. Fatih Yegul attended the trip organized by producer Andree Cazabon (founder of 3rd World Canada) with over 40 everyday Canadians mostly from Toronto region. People of the remote First Nations Reserve of K.I. offered great hospitality by hosting their guests in their homes for 5 days. It was a perfect opportunity to build bridges between the First Nations and non-aboriginal citizens of our country. The visitors had the chance of becoming the first hand witnesses of the difficult conditions the people of the reserve lives in. This project was initiated and made real by the youth of the K.I., who during the trip had the chance to make a Skype connection with Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. MP Bruce Hyer, Chief Commissioner of Ontario Human Rights Commission, Barbara Hall, Provincial Advocate for Children, Irwin Elman were among the visitors.  of Her Excellency Sharon Johnston along with Her Honour Ruth Ann Onley also paid a one-day visit to the reserve with lots motivation for the youth.  Below you’ll find some pictures from the trip.