Our executive director, M. Fatih Yegul was awarded with Queen’s  Diamond by MP Hon. Judy Sgro and MPP Mario Sergio at the award presentation ceremony that took place at Jamaican Canadian Association Hall on the 14th of September, 2012.

The Jubilee Medal recognizes the significant contributions and achievements of Canadians who have devoted their time and efforts to their family, community, province or to Canada as a whole.

Below is a quote from M. Fatih Yegul regarding the medal he received:

“This is a great honour for me to be one of the recipients of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. When I first came to Canada as a landed immigrant in 2007, I started volunteering for IDI Toronto, which provided me the means to give back to my community, my city, my province and my country. I worked hard knowing that it is for a good cause. And now I cannot tell you how happy I am that those efforts of all members and volunteers of IDI Toronto towards making our community a peace island, will be recognized through this medal. I am grateful to MP Hon. Judy Sgro and MPP Mario Sergio, who submitted my name for the medal. I will be proudly receiving the medal on behalf of all members and volunteers of IDI Toronto…”