A Pubic Talk on Gina Valle’s recent book “Teacher’s at their best” was organized by IDI Toronto in partnership with York University’s Faculty of Education on February 1st at York University. The event has gathered an audience of around 45 attendees comprised of students, professors, educators and so on. Gina Valle offered thought-provoking insights on different issues related to teachers’ experience with diverse classrooms. The talk was conducted in an interactive style which triggered engaging discussions among participants.

Gina Valle’s “Teacher’s at their best” gives us an in depth look at what is happening in diverse classrooms in Canada, and how teachers are making a difference in their students’ lives. More than thirty powerful vignettes take us into the hearts and minds of exemplary educators, as they share their values, convictions, wisdom and knowledge in the classroom and beyond. You will not soon forget the stories found in Teachers at Their Best. Truly refreshing in scope, and inspirational to anyone who is an educator, student or parent committed to diversity in Canada.

Gina Valle has a PhD in Teacher Education and Multicultural Studies. Teachers at Their Best is her second book.