IDI Toronto partnered with Turkish Students Association (York University) to organize the 2nd York University Interclub Dialogue Dinner on March 14th, 2013. The aim of the dinner was to foster dialogue and cooperation among diverse student groups which make up the colourful mosaic of York community. It brought together the leaders and ordinary members of York student clubs. The attendees of the dinner also included faculty members and senior administration of the university. With its theme “The Role of Students’ in Sustaining Peace on a Diverse Campus”, the event aimed to create a platform for students and other guests to engage in a constructive dialogue and build intercultural awareness. There were two invited speaker on the program of the event – Dr. Janet Morrison, Vice-President Students and M. Fatih Yegul, Executive Director of Intercultural Dialogue Institute Toronto.

Upon some inspiring remarks offered by the guest speakers, participants engaged in a vigorous brainstorm session in small groups where they discussed the ways of improving student dialogue for preserving peace on the campus. At the end of this exercise, each group had a chance to present its ideas to the rest of the audience.  A summary of these discussions will soon be posted on this website.

Some of the faculty members who attended the dinner were John Amanatides (Master, Bethune College), Narda Razack (Associate Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies) and Rosanna Furgiuele (Associate Principal, Student Services Glendon).