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Commentary by Carol Goar: “Wise counsel for first-time refugee sponsors” – Toronto Star, Jan 22, 2016


Ramadan Family Iftar Dinners, The Star

A feast before fasting: sharing suhoor with a Toronto Muslim family

We joined a family in the early morning hours for suhoor, the second of two nightly meals during the Ramadan fast.

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Intercultural Study Trip, Canadian Mennonite

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Peel Art & Essay Contest 2014 on Mississauga News

Getting to meet, understand the other: the path to peace

Written by Michael Swan, The Catholic Register Saturday, 02 November 2013 08:00

Michael Swan in Istanbul, Turkey. Michael Swan in Istanbul, Turkey.

Interfaith dialogue doesn’t start with an exchange of creeds or comparison of theologies. It begins with friendship.

Out of the world’s seven billion people well over one billion are Catholic and slightly more are Muslim. The Church is embedded in Western civilization, history and culture. The world’s Muslims are concentrated in lands the West colonized and exploited. There is no declared war between Islam and the West, but thousands upon thousands have died. Interfaith dialogue is not an esoteric pastime for nerdy scholars. It is the only way forward, the only path to peace.

But it begins with friendship.

In September my wife Yone and I were invited on a study tour to Turkey by the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, one of a network of Muslim foundations established around the globe by the Hizmet movement…

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October 1st, 2012, Peterborough Examiner by Brian Desbiens

August 8th, 2012, Toronto Star


Toronto Star, 10 February 2006