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On September 24th, IDI had its 1st Annual Advisory Board Retreat in Kingston, Ontario.

For every organization, it is crucial to develop an evidence-based strategic plan, set goals, evaluate the progress, address the challenges and cultivate an organizational culture. Although internal evaluation is essential, a thorough assessment requires a broad base evaluation which includes all stakeholders. In this regard, IDI believes that the input from its advisors and friends is crucial.

With these in mind, we had a long but fruitful day of discussions to examine IDI’s strengths and areas that need to be improved upon. During the first two sessions, there were presentations on Hizmet movement and on the activities of IDI followed by a Q&A session. During the 3rd and 4th sessions, there were discussions such as future vision of the Institute, its current and future activities, increasing effectiveness, diversifying funding sources, and how to measure the success of the current and future programming. The day was filled with interesting contrasts of different chapters and presentations of their best practices. The consensus being that IDI brings people together very well and it is an activity that we are committed to continuing.

We hope these deliberations at our first retreat will result in an enhanced vision, improved strategies and better programming. We thank our advisory board members and volunteers for their continuous support and dedication.

To learn more about IDI’s work, please click the following link: Annual Report