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Prize Board First Last Grade School
1st DCDSB Thad Pasco 10 Archbishop Dennis O’Connor CHS
2nd DDSB Daniel Tika 12 Dunbarton High School
3rd KPRDSB Craig Foster 12 Clarke High School
Finalist DDSB Morgan Walker 9 Pickering High School
Finalist KPRDSB Mya Vialda 12 Courtice Secondary School
Finalist PVNCCDSB Brady Loenhart 11 Holy Trinity CSS
Finalist PVNCCDSB Emily Woods 11 Holy Trinity CSS



Prize Board First Last Grade School
1st DDSB Isabelle Koerber 10 Donald A. Wilson S.S.
2nd DDSB Hunter Weitzman 10 Uxbridge S.S.
3rd DCDSB Anish Panday 11 Archbishop Dennis O’Connor CHS
Finalist DCDSB Hannah Sewpersaud 12 Archbishop Dennis O’Connor CHS
Finalist DDSB Emeka Balakumar 10 Pickering High School
Finalist DDSB Clara Hick 11 Port Perry High School
Finalist KPRDSB Salome Jayakody 11 Clarington Central SS



Prize Board First Last Grade School
1st DDSB Kristen Rowe 10 Ajax H.S.
1st DDSB Julia Schlichting 10 Ajax H.S.
2nd DDSB Ryan Akler-Bishop 12 Dunbarton High School
2nd DDSB Steven Tsinokas 12 Dunbarton High School
3rd DDSB Zavia Forrest 10 Dunbarton High School
Finalist DDSB Natasha Uhrig 12 Pickering High School


On May 24th, 2017, IDI hosted its annual Creative Minds Contest for Durham Region at the Ajax Convention Centre. The theme for this year was My Canada dedicated to the 150th anniversary of Canada. The master of ceremonies for the evening was award winning actress, Ven Virah.

Fatih Yegul, IDI GTA’s president, thanked the co-organizers of the contest, which are the school boards for Durham region involved in the contest. These include Durham District School Board, Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board, and Peterborough Victoria Northumberland and Clarington Catholic School Board.  He thanked Martyn Beckett, Director of Education for DDSB, who was instrumental in starting the contest five years ago.

This is the sixth year the contest is being held and it keeps growing and gaining more interest.

The keynote for the evening was delivered by Patrick Bizindavyi who is the President and Co-Founder of Unleashed Possibilities Inc.

Ms. Novak explained that poverty is the result of colonialism and spoke of her privilege as a white skinned woman of German descent. She encouraged the audience to understand that if someone was experiencing privilege in their life, it was probably as a result of someone else experiencing violence (an all-encompassing definition of violence). It is not an individual cause, but due to the framework or system that is in place. Individuals themselves can work to make the lives they touch better. It is important to think about who is setting the power and position in society.

The evening concluded with the handout of the awards and the students got to find out where they placed.