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Summary of the Event in English

Professor Ouedraogo holds a doctorate in international law from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies of the University of Geneva. Her research focuses on the historical and philosophical aspects of international law, legal theory, war and its alternatives, human rights, the peaceful settlement of disputes, Africa.

His current research focuses on democratic governance in Africa. This research aims to deconstruct the idea that the concept of state, wrought by the Westphalian and widely enshrined in the modern West in order, is not compatible with a mulch-ethnic African reality. The approach is both sociology-anthropological and epistemological.

Quebec Charter of Values – issues and legal political implications

“Identity to the identity crisis of Quebec Party”

Throughout his seminar, professor  Ouedraogo focused on 3 main points;

  •  First, he explained the role of charter of values
  • Second  he emphasized on the current status for this topic. He emphasized the equality between two genders. Furthermore, he discussed the neutrality of religion in an estate.
  • Last but not least, he shared his approach to the topic by providing an analytical criticism  on the conformity of this chart for Canadians.

Throughout his seminar, he discussed the situation for people who work for the state and how they sometimes should refrain from promoting their religious beliefs. Professor also explained the distinctions between Canadian and Quebecois rights.

Touching on the importance and the significance of April 17, Professor Ouedraogo emphasized that;

Quebec has no values ​​other than Canadian ones:

– The democratic exercise of power,

– Respect for human rights and rule of law,

– The accommodation of differences.

The values ​​that underlie our traditions, either political and/or philosophical, emphasis that everyone is free to express their beliefs and opinions dictated by its conscience. And, such manifestations should not injure their rights to manifest beliefs and personal opinions.



En tant qu’élément de sa plate-forme d’IDIalgoue, l’IDI GTA vous invite
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La charte des valeurs du Québec:
enjeux et implications juridiques et politiques

Jeudi le 17 avril 2014
481 University Avenue
Suite 711, Toronto, ON M5G 2E9

11:45: Inscription
12:00: Déjeuner
12:30: Discours et questions
01:30: Fin du programme



Awalou Ouedraogo
Études internationales
Campus Glendon
Université York

Professeur Ouedraogo est titulaire d’un doctorat en droit international de l’Institut des hautes études internationales et du développement de l’Université de Genève. Ses recherches portent notamment sur les aspects historiques et philosophiques du droit international, la théorie du droit, la guerre et ses alternatives, les droits humains, le règlement pacifique des différends, l’Afrique.

Ses recherches actuelles portent sur la gouvernance démocratique en Afrique. Cette recherche vise à déconstruire l’idée selon laquelle le concept d’Etat, forgé par l’ordre westphalien et largement consacré par la modernité en Occident, n’est pas compatible avec une réalité africaine pluri-éthniques. L’approche est à la fois socio-anthropologique et épistémologique.