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Miloud Chennoufi


Dr. Miloud Chennoufi

Prof., Department of Security
and International Affairs
Canadian Forces College

Miloud Chennoufi holds a Ph.D from the University of Montreal. He teaches international relations at the Canadian Forces College where he serves as chair of the Department of Security and International Affairs. He is a visiting fellow at Glendon College (York University). His first book Great Powers and Islamism (in French) was published in 2003. During the 1990s, prior to moving to Canada, he was a journalist in his native Algeria.

Diversity and the Challenges of Integration
Multiculturalism, as a policy and a way of life, respects diversity in our society. It continues to be the target of attacks by critics. Although at times these attacks are unjustified, they should not be ignored. They must be taken into consideration, especially when they relate to the distorted abuse of right and privileges associated with multiculturalism. Based on the premise of rights and responsibilities, a clearly defined multicultural policy can respond to critics who seek to destroy its very foundations, and abusers whose motivations are to keep communities separate one from the other.