As the meticulously crafted display of delightful performances by the IFLC team came to a close in the heart of Toronto, the audience members were left dazzled and still on their feet from their standing ovation, singing along in heartfelt appreciation until the very last note.

The night of The Most Beautiful Story.

The beauty of diversity through a tapestry of seamlessly interwoven uniquity in full display;

Youth from all around the world, gathered to perform and instill the message of peace and diversity, of patience and respect, as well as to emphasize the celebration of these precious qualities;

Performers in dazzling outfits bearing meaning beyond mere show attire; representing each performance and their unique heritage and identities to truly resonate with the sincerest emotions; Connecting hearts and minds through perhaps one of humanity’s most common grounds – music – and inviting all to stand together in celebration of our commonalities and differences alike;

Truly, a night to remember.

The Intercultural Dialogue Institute and the Canadian-Turkish Friendship Community have teamed up with the International Festival of Language and Culture (IFLC) to bring the ultimate array blending world cultures, visual arts, and musical plays, The Most Beautiful Story, to the stages of Toronto, on October 26th at the venue of John W. H. Bassett Theatre. Following their performances in Frankfurt, Brussels and Washington D.C., the IFLC crew have come to perform before the audience of Toronto; to present the age-old conflict of good versus evil prevalent since time immemorial in the history of humanity by artistically and passionately connecting East to West, North to South, through and through.

Among attendees were the Ontario Associate Minister of Mental Health and Addictions, Michael Tibollo, and Member of Parliament of Scarborough Centre, Salma Zahid, who were invited on-stage and respectively expressed their appreciation and good wishes for the program and all of humanity going forward.

The Most Beautiful Story brought familiar chronicles onto the stage as a musical play aiming to instill the message of peace, acceptance, and patience into our hearts as much as it does to delight and entertain; going beyond a show for amusement and carrying impactful meaning to hold dear for long after the show is over.

The spectacular night was concluded with a grand finale amalgamating all performers, their respective backgrounds, and the exquisitely vibrant cultures into all of them performing a single song, “Universal Peace”, and topping it off with a meaningful reiteration of this endeavour’s purpose and motivation – to be able to apply these precious values to all our realities.