Press Release

January 11, 2011

Re: Invitation to “Raising the Generation of Peace in the Toronto School of Diversity”

The Canadian Intercultural Dialogue Centre (CIDC), a member of Intercultural Dialogue Institute, is organizing its 6th Annual Friendship Dinner under the theme of “Raising the Generation of Peace in the Toronto School of Diversity” at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel’s Imperial Room on January 12th, 2011, which will be dedicated to the role of education in a multicultural society.
Established in 2005, the Canadian Intercultural Dialogue Center (IDI Toronto) is a non-profit organization committed to promoting Canada’s unique cultural diversity. It proactively works to create harmony between cultures and to promote pluralist democracy. For the upcoming event, the CIDC has already established a hosting committee consisting of distinguished members of society who will be willing to contribute with their leadership, knowledge, and experience to the organization of the Dinner. For the first time, the CIDC will present its Distinguished Educator Award to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of education.
The Hosting Committee consists of:
Yasmin Ratansi, MP Don Valley East
Rob Oliphant, MP Don Valley West
Tony Ruprecht, MPP Davenport
W. Bill Blair, Chief of Toronto Police
Tony Warr, Deputy Chief of Toronto Police
Dr. Gary Polonsky, Chairman of the Canada Sci.&Technology Museum Board of Trustees
Dr. Ron Bordessa, President of UOIT
Marytn Beckett, Director of Education, Durkheim District School Board
Dr. Hugh Drouin, Commissioner of Social Services, Durkheim Region
Rev. Damien MacPherson, S.A. Director, Ecum.&Interfaith Affairs, Archdiocese of Toronto

The CIDC invites more than 180 prominent members of society including politicians, diplomats, professors, businessmen, media and religious leaders. Water marbling art (Ebru) show will be a compelling part of the night.