As the Intercultural Dialogue Institute, we would like to express our most heartfelt condolences to the victims of the heinous terrorist attacks which took place in Norway recently and offer our deepest sympathy and prayers to the families and Norwegian people. We would also like to extend well wishes to the injured and wish them a speedy recovery. Regardless of the motive behind such atrocities, no act of terror can be accepted or justified. Terrorism and violent extremism should find no shelter or refuge in any ideology, political opinion or religion. The need to overcome this common challenge and work harder for global peace and compassion is all the more evident against the backdrop of such events. We must unite as one human race against terrorism, violent extremism and murderous ideologies to prevent these types of attacks from recurring in the future. The Intercultural Dialogue Institute is committed to cross-cultural awareness, in order to attain peace and diversity with our neighbors, help establish a better society where individuals love, respect and accept each other as they are; tackle misunderstanding, prejudice and hatred and instill in its place the belief in the necessity of dialogue. Those who believe in dialogue cannot be susceptible to violent extremist ideology.