When Ramadan comes, IDI Toronto’s “Meet Your Neighbour” program takes a new turn with the arrival of iftar dinners. The program is year-around, however the interest triples when Iftar dinners are there. For Muslims, the iftar (breaking-of-fast) dinners are a crucial part of the holy month of Ramadan, and they try their best to avoid eating alone. So they either host a friend, relative or a neighbour; or they are hosted by one of these. We live in one of the friendliest and neighbourly city in the world, how lovely it is to break your fast with a neighbour you just met…

If you’d like attend one of those family dinners, you can simply register at www.MeetYourNeighbour.ca

Below are photos from only a fraction of the family iftars we’ve organized in Ramadan 2015.

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