Toronto Davenport MPP, Tony Ruprecht, introduced the latest edition of his well-known book “Toronto’s Many Faces” at Queen’s Park on the 23rd of February, 2011. Many distinguished guests such as MP Yasmin Ratansi, Ontario Attorney General Honourable Chris Bentley, Speaker of Ontario Legislative Assembly, Stephen Peters, other MPPs had the chance to meet with representatives of different cultural communities in Toronto. Anatolian Heritage Federation was among the 10 selected community organizations who were honoured by Mr. Tony Ruprecht.  IDI Toronto was also there to share Noah’s Pudding with the participants.

It is evident that from the office he has held, Tony Ruprecht has been in a privileged position to assess the social dynamics of Toronto’s multi-cultural society and its impact on every day living and events that constitute the life of the individual in the collective.

This book offers the opportunity of enhancing our awareness and appreciation of that which is different but yet so close and do some real soul searching as to the status of our own values of tolerance and fellowship and how these are indeed put into practice in our own spheres of endeavour.

The beauty of a multicultural society such as Toronto’s is that, if well channelled, it can do so much to enrich the universal rainbow.

“Toronto’s Many Faces” is well researched and contains much information about the city, being a valuable tool and practical guide to (re) discovering our very own Toronto.

Toronto is truly a city of communities. Designed for tourists and for residents, Toronto’s Many Faces is the one and only guide to the multicultural character of the city, featuring profiles of more than 60 ethnic communities, including local histories, festivals, food, and art. The book identifies each community – where its people come from, why, when, and where they settled in Toronto. The contribution of each community is also traced, with biographical notes on prominent people whose achievements have been extraordinary. Monuments, memorials, theatres, museums, cultural centres, and restaurants are identified, while detailed maps and photographs of festival events help bring the city’s varied communities to life.

Toronto’s Many Faces is a guide for tourists, a sourcebook for newcomers, a directory for businesses and organizations, and a passport for Torontonians to the many cultures that exist at their doorsteps.

IDI-Toronto wishes to congratulate the author on a task well done.

MPP Tony Ruprecht has an intimate knowledge of Toronto’s multicultural communities. Elected in 1978 as Toronto Senior Alderman, he holds the distinction of being the longest serving member of the Ontario Parliament from Toronto. He personally knows every genuine Ethno-cultural leader and is in touch with them throughout the year. He held the Government portfolio as a Minister of Citizenship with Special Responsibilities for Multiculturalism in 1985-1987 and has received a number of awards for his work from the governments of Portugal, Poland, the Philippines, and Estonia.