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On October 10th, 2017, IDI partnered with a number of organizations for a first Multi-faith Thanksgiving celebration in honour of Canada’s 150th Anniversary. The event was co-hosted with Beth Emeth Synagogue, Revivaltime Tabernacle Ministries, Saint Norths Roman Catholic Church, and The Office of Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs of the Roman Catholic Church.

It was held at the York Centre and included music by the Revival Time Tabernacle Choir; prayers of thanksgiving from the 3 Abrahamic faith traditions; and a clergy panel on why being present at this multi-faith event as significant.


Intercultural Dialogue Institute, Beth Emeth Synagogue, Revivaltime Tabernacle Ministries and The Office of Ecumenical & Interfaith Affairs of the Roman Catholic Church held

York Centre Multi-faith Thanksgiving Celebration

Honouring Canada’s 150th Anniversary with Participation from the three Abrahamic Traditions

The event combined prayer, music and greetings, as well as a panel discussion.


Greetings & Welcome
Musical Selection The Revival Time Tabernacle Choir
Scripture Readings with Homiletic Interpretations
Prayers of Thanksgiving with Community Participation
Clergy Panel Why our being present tonight is significant!
Closing Prayers


Date and Time: 

October 10, 2017, 7.30 pm


Revivaltime Tabernacle World Ministries
4340 Dufferin St., Toronto, ON




Multifaith Thanksgiving Celebration