More Than One Story

Developed by the Department of Culture and Leisure of city of  Simirshamn in Sweden, More Than One Story is a unique and powerful bilingual card game which builds bridges between people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures.  More Than One Story has proven to be a valuable tool for social workers, teachers, religious leaders, event coordinators and youth leaders. Wherever fears and prejudices tend to keep people isolated from those who seem different, More Than One Story is being used to facilitate the process of integration and inclusion, the opening of hearts and minds. Playing More Than One Story awakens empathy, compassion, understanding and appreciation for the unique experiences of each person; it brings strangers together and deepens communication amongst family and friends. The cards do not ask for opinions which can often lead to discussions. They ask for personal experiences and the feelings connected to them, feelings we all have in common. More Than One Story empowers individuals and organizations who wish to work for a more harmonious world.

Thanks to the simplicity of the concept behind More Than One Story, our card game is being used in just about any setting where people have an opportunity to learn to know each other. Even if our method requires no specific training and everyone is able to lead the game after reading the simple instructions which are found on a card inside the deck, we offer here some advice regarding how to lead the game. The most important thing to remember is to read the instruction card very carefully for all who will be playing and to follow these simple instructions.

Intercultural Dialogue Institute has the rights to print and sells the English-French version in Canada and United States. If you would like to order, please contact us at For more information about the game and ordering the other versions, please visit the home page of the game by clicking here.

More Than One Story Game received the prestigious Intercultural Innovation Award
from United Nations in August 2014. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon presented the awards

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