IDI Toronto honoured the members of Toronto Police, Fire and EMS at Public Heroes Awards Ceremony on 17th of May, 2012.  In addition to the award recipients listed below, firefighter Mike Salb, who recently saved the life of a Toronto Police officer while off duty, was honured with a gift of appreciation.

MPP Soo Wong, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Community Safety & Correctional Services,  delivered a keynote speech to the audience. The night ended with a Turkish Coffee cooking show.  MPP Shafiq Qadri was also among the guests. Sergeant Ryan Russell’s widow Christine Russell was not able to attend due to a medical condition, so Sandra Richardson from Toronto Police received the award on her behalf.

Jeff McQuire, who was very recently appointed as the chief of Niagara Regional Police, was the MC of the night.  The ceremony ended with the closing remarks of Armand La Barge, member of IDI Toronto’s Advisory Boards.

Public Heroes Awards are given based on three criteria; “Altruism”, “Dedication” and “Contribution to Multiculturalism”. Below are the list of award recepients from each service:

Paramedic Partners
Toronto Emergency Medical Services

Toronto Fire Services

Toronto Police Services

Toronto Police Services


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* Intercultural Dialogue Institute (IDI) Toronto gives Public Heroes Awards to recognize the outstanding service of Toronto Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services in maintaining public safety in the city of Toronto. The aim of the ceremony and the award is to recognize dedication and excellence of individual members of TPS, TFS and TEMS in delivering their services in an ethnically and culturally diverse environment. Award recipients are selected in collaboration with TPS, TFS and TEMS based on three criteria: “Altruism”, “Dedication” and “Contribution to Multiculturalism”.